Designing Women

A couple of years ago I attended a great workshop at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts – it was a class on bookmaking. I didn’t know anything about bookmaking but wanted to learn and they had an opening (it was a very last minute thing).  Hmm..I tend to do this a lot!

Anyway, after the class was over I ended up with a book that I wasn’t able to finish in time.  I brought the book home (in its unfinished state) with every intention of completing it.  It sat on a shelf for a really long time.  As time went by and as my studio locations would change I would move the book with me.  I found that I rather liked my book in this unfinished state.  It represented me.

A while back I found this pedestal at an estate sale and brought it home not really knowing what to do with it.

Then I had a flash back…did you see that Designing Women episode where Julia and the girls were attending an art opening and she (absentmindedly) sat her purse on one of the pedestals??

Well, I now have the perfect place for my book!!

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