Power Lines

I took advantage of the ‘nicer’ weather today…it was quite a good bit cooler this morning and the humidity was lower than normal – so I took off with my camera in hand looking for inspiration.  There’s a lake not too far away with a nice (raised) nature trail through the swamp and wooded areas.  I think its raised for safety reasons…keeps the alligators at a safe distance!  I tried not to think about that too much as I was walking and looking for photo ops but I did hear sounds off trail.

Probably just squirrels.

I did happen to look up on my way out though and saw this…

Look very closely at the first image – in the dark area of the sky – running horizontally –  this will give you an idea how large this thing was.  I call em power lines because of the size of the spider who made them!

The other images take you in a bit closer so you can see the details.

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