Get in the Spirit

Most of us are familiar with the feeling of intuition.  That feeling of knowing what our true selves want or need us to do in a certain situation.

But do you ever wonder (or fear) that maybe that feeling is just your brain putting its own spin on things and making you think it’s your intuition??

I’m reading ‘The Red Book:  A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark” by Sera J. Beak right now and here’s sort of a summary from one of the chapters…

Ask yourself: are you addressing the problem/situation from your ego or from your spirit’s point of view?

How can you tell the difference between your ego and your spirit?

We need ego in order to take care of our basic survival needs (food, shelter, physical safety) so that our divine spark (i.e. our creative selves) can shine more freely.  The problem with this is; most of us let the ego’s overly protective voice override the voice of our fun-loving spirit.

Spirit’s voice is more free, creative and playful, whereas ego speaks more practically, cautiously, protectively and judgmentally.

The ego blames, criticizes, compares and makes excuses.  It fears getting hurt, and is always worried about what other people think.  The ego looks for answers almost solely from the mind, rarely from the heart.

Too much reliance on ego keeps us separated from the world, from others and from our true potential.

When it kicks into overdrive, ego can manifest as separation, resistance, victimization, stress, fear and shame.

On the other hand, when spirit is in control, it’s all about nurturing, openness, trust and acceptance.  And that encourages connection, responsibility, inspiration and peace.

So if you get a nudge to shift your life around or if you’re reacting to change in a particular way, check to see if you’re coming from your ego or your spirit side.

Note: Don’t go overboard and take matters to the extreme simply because you think it makes you spiritual or because that’s what you think spiritual people ‘do’.

Do it because it’s true to what you are sensing is needed in your life at the particular time.

And while it’s vital to make appropriate changes in your life when your divine spark nudges you to, it’s often even more important to accept and even learn to love where you are right now (as hard as that may be).

In fact, (and here’s the clincher), acceptance of our current situation often needs to come first before we can truly move forward.

Interesting stuff, huh?

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