Kitty Realized…

I actually got out into the studio and created something!  And before the weekend was over! I’m surprising even myself these days!

So…I bought the book “Taking Flight” (as mentioned in last night’s post) and bought a few supplies (’cause I’m so sure I didn’t have something just like it or very similar to it in my studio already) …yeah right.

I’m (kinda) following along with the project in the back of the book…the encaustic one – because ENCAUSTIC ROCKS! – and because I knew I had most of the supplies I needed already and well, because, ENCAUSTIC ROCKS!

Oh, and let me mention I cleaned my studio this morning so it was all pretty and organized and stuff.  I love working in a clean studio!

Ok, back to the project..

Here is the art board with a bit of paint on it and some markmaking attempts…I quickly realized I didn’t have any heavy bodied acrylics in the studio (how could that be?? I have every thing else you could buy in the studio).  I know you can make heavy bodied acrylics but pretty sure I didn’t have any medium (that, I’m pretty sure of).

I realized my stamping wasn’t working too well due to the lack of a more textural background – i.e. no heavy bodied paint.

And as I was sitting there staring at the board (with no heavy bodied paint on it) I decided it didn’t need any more stamps anyway.

Cause I’m a minimalist.  If I haven’t mentioned it before. (A minimalist who collects stuff).

This can be a problem.

Ok, so now I’m at the point where you’re supposed to ‘paint your subject in’.  That part always gets me.  I considered the fact that since I’m a minimalist – I should be able to just put the pen down and call it a day – but decided against it (a good example of the ‘problem’ part).

So… I’m looking at the pile of catalogs on the table (I can’t throw them away – there’s so much good stuff in ’em and I don’t mean stuff to buy – I mean good inspiration stuff, all the colors and patterns, etc.) – I start flipping through them…

and I find this (kitty) and decide that there is no rule that says I have to paint my subject in…

So here it is – my subject – adhered to the board.

I write a few meaningful words…then head out to the encaustic studio to do the fun stuff

And here it is…

‘Kitty realized it was time to start living her life’

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