Find Meaning

Symbols have been a part of our lives since the beginning of mankind.  They were a means of communication before our modern language, and much of our alphabet was derived from them.

These traditional symbols hold an elemental power that transcends words:  They are not merely decorative patterns, they are the building blocks of all aspects of creation.  Many modern artists are interested in using symbols to bring a spiritual influence into their work, and they can make use of them in several ways.

A color, a repeated mark or an interesting shape – these could all be symbols with unspecified meaning.  By thinking about your life, likes and repeated images can bring meaning to your work.

(taken from the book, Celebrate your Creative Self by Mary Todd Beam)

Think about the art you make…do you find you’re drawn to certain things?  Do certain patterns appear in your work on a regular basis?

What do you think it means?


See where it leads.




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