Santa Fe Blues

I love wandering around neighborhoods of other cities and towns.

It seems like everything is just more colorful, more eclectic, more interesting, more fun than anything you can find at home.  I’m sure that is because we tend to ‘not see’ things at home because we’re on auto pilot most of the time.  We don’t expect to see anything out of the ordinary – so we usually don’t.

At least that’s how I think it is.

Think about how many times we’re driving somewhere and we get there but don’t remember much about the drive itself.  We wonder how we managed to get there safely…did we even stop at that last red light??!!

These images are all from a very colorful, very eclectic, very interesting and fun neighborhood in Santa Fe.

Can you tell I have a ‘thing’ for blue?

4 thoughts on “Santa Fe Blues

  1. I agree traveling to new places can help you see your own neighborhood in a new light. Photographers are many times attracted to the exotic…of course what is exotic depends on where you come from!

  2. That brown-blue combination is very beautiful, somehow…

    • Hi and welcome!
      I love the blue and brown …it isn’t something you would immediately think would be nice together but, you’re right, it does seem to work somehow.
      Thank you for taking the time to visit!
      I hope I can continue to inspire…

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