A Fairytale Kinda Day

First of all, it started off great with an absolutely beautiful blue sky.  Not just any blue sky either.  One of those absolutely gorgeous blue skies. 

You know I’m into blue, right?

Its hard to have a bad day with a sky like that.

And (in addition to everything else I did today – more on that later) I picked up a new magazine to read.

These are always full of inspiration.  But most of the time I look and ‘plan’ but never ‘do’ any of the inspiring stuff.

But as I was (back) flipping through the magazine I found an article that caught my attention immediately and I decided I would make every effort to do this today.

The article and all the great photos motivated me to spend this ‘early’ Spring day outdoors even though it was a bit chilly.

It’s an article about creating dish gardens using moss.

And I love moss.

And fortunately when you live in a small forest (like I do) you don’t get much sun – i.e. moss grows really well!

(Its not really a forest  – but I like to pretend it is sometimes.)

I spent the better part of the afternoon wandering through the woods (I always enjoy wandering but today it felt a bit like a treasure hunt). I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for but I knew I would know it when I found it.

I found a piece of a dead tree and found a couple of different varieties of moss and followed the instructions in the article (about how to collect the moss properly) added the tiny watering can and came up with this…

Then I decided to do the same thing with a shallow dish that I had, and came up with this…

I added a couple of things from my ‘stash’ and created this…

Its a Fairy-ed Treasure!

Hope you had an inspiring day too!

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