Blender Splendor

I’ve recently discovered the amazing world of iPhonography.

I was browsing in the digital camera section at Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago and I happened upon the book, iPhone Obsessed: Photo Editing Experiments with Apps, by Dan Marcolina.

I’m always on the look-out for new books – and since I visit bookstores fairly regularly, I notice things like that.  So I started looking through it and immediately got that fluttery feeling in my stomach.  You know the one I’m talking about – the one that makes you feel a little excited and a little queasy at the same time?  Well, its the feeling I get and its a feeling I know to pay attention to – because its an indicator of good things to come.  You’ll just have to trust me on that. But mainly because I bought a book on iPhonography and I have a Droid!

Long story – short…I have since adopted an older iPhone (that had been relegated to iPod status) and the rest is history.

To date…I have thirty-two apps…if that gives you any idea.

This image was taken with “Blender” – a close up of my eye, a photo of some text, and a photo of some flowers outside a restaurant…Its like having a photo studio in the palm of your hand!

4 thoughts on “Blender Splendor

  1. Gorgeous image! I’m almost tempted to get an iPhone after all…

  2. Thanks SLB! The book was a joy to write! Also check out the companion iPad App/book in the app store call iobsessed companion. You can get all the info here:

    ALSO I have a new iPhoneography project come to the app store by september

    Thanks Dan Mrcolina

    • Wow -thanks for stopping by!!
      Your book is fantastic and full of inspiration! I will definitely check out the companion as well. LOVE the scanner tags in the book – what a great way to share more info. REALLY helpful!

      Can you please tell me where the rose factory is?
      I may have to plan a trip around it!

      Thanks again!!

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