Summer Morning


I implore you,

it’s time to come back

from the dark

it’s morning,

the hills are pink

and the roses

whatever they felt

in the valley of the night

are opening now

their soft dresses,

their leaves

are shining.

Why are you laggard?

Sure you have seen this

a thousand times,

which isn’t half enough.

Let the world

have its way with you,

luminous as it is

with mystery

and pain –

graced as it is

with the ordinary.


Poem by Mary Oliver; 6×6 encaustic on panel, by me.

3 thoughts on “Summer Morning

  1. Just staarted to follow your beautiful blog.
    I’ve posted an call to artists on my blog:ode to blue.
    I’m wondering if you’re interested to participate…

  2. Hello Lee,

    Thank you for your beautiful submission. In my post next week, I will place your name beneath your work and then the title etc. What do you prefer, only Lee or…. ,( I don’t know your back name).

    Best regards,


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