We’re in the best shape of our lives

Sometimes, when I’m thinking about life and stuff, I get visualizations. Not visions. Visualizations.  It helps me to sort through the mental clutter and ‘see’ the situation more clearly.

For instance – I was talking with a friend the other day about finding that balance between regular life and a life living out our passion and how we sometimes struggle to come to terms with it and I couldn’t help but be reminded of that toy (for toddlers); the one with the various shaped openings (and the corresponding shaped objects) that have to be matched up in order for the shapes to fit inside.

I think Life is kind of like that toy. And we’re the round or square shapes that fit into it.

Square or round or rectangular – the shape really doesn’t matter – what does matter – is whether you’re trying to force a square shape into a round opening or vice versa.  Because when we do this we can expect to meet with problems.

I have a theory.

I think we get our ‘shapes’ from early childhood and that (maybe) they’re not really our shapes at all.

Think about it.

We’re labeled, catalogued, classified and grouped -from day one.

We’re sorted into cultures, social orders, religions, political affiliations and various other groups based on our environment alone.

And we really don’t have much of a say either, because we’re too young and because we’re young children, we’re dependent upon our environment to make those choices for us.  And for the most part, the choices work out okay.

But, as we grow older and become knowledgeable about the things in life that matter to us based on our priorities – our thought patterns may shift some and when that happens, it’s possible that our shape will shift a bit too – and no longer ‘fit’ like it used to.

Just like the child who insists on trying to put that square peg into the round hole… it frustrates us and causes us stress.

We think there’s something wrong with us.

We think we’re the problem.

And we feel guilty for not feeling the way we’re ‘supposed to’.

But if those feelings were never really ours to begin with – why should that be the case?

Like it or not, we’re the way we are for a reason.  And we each have special gifts that make us unique.

And if we’ve been lucky enough to find our passion – (not everyone has) – then maybe its our obligation to share this gift with others.

What if what we have could help someone else find what they have?

Can you think of a better way to live your life?

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