Van Gogh’s Studio?

van gogh studio

I guess you could say I have multiple studios…it’s not what you think though.

And this is one of them…a tool shed with one end dedicated to ‘stuff’.

Do you remember a previous post talking about my ‘art house’?  Well, after deciding to rent out the space, all that ‘stuff’ had to go somewhere and this is one of the somewheres.

I also recently did a post called ‘van gogh babies’ and talked about the application of the oil painting filter (new to CS6).  That technique was done on some of my Lensbaby images.  This image is not a Lensbaby image though.

But I couldn’t help but think of Van Gogh here again.  Just look at the chandelier! (Yes, there is a chandelier in the tool shed) but isn’t it just perfect?!? 

The oil painting filter really transformed this ordinary shot into one with much more pizazz!!

5 thoughts on “Van Gogh’s Studio?

  1. I love this – it looks awesome..

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