Retail Therapy…the doctor is in.

I was in therapy last Saturday…all day long. 

Retail Therapy. 

It’s probably my favorite therapy (although Chocolate Therapy does run a really close second).

It was a great day.

One thing I’ve begun to notice about these outings is that it isn’t necessarily just about the purchases.  Sometimes I can spend an entire day and not buy a single thing and it doesn’t diminish my feelings at all – unless I happen to be on a mission to find a specific thing for a specific event; but that wasn’t what this trip was about.  This trip was an expedition to find inspiration and to soak it all up.  And it helps to do this in an area that you aren’t all too familiar with.  That way, you’re open to everything.  Everything is new and everything catches your eye.

Merchants do a fantastic job of store design and displays; there are ideas everywhere you look.  Its interesting to notice too, how the color palettes from one industry to the other (like home goods and clothing, etc) complement one another.  There’s no way to not be inspired –  everything works so well together!

But one of the most important reasons why (I think) retail therapy provides such a boost is the ‘environment’ you’re in while you’re there.  Sure there’s great shopping…but if I feel this way even if I don’t buy anything…then there must be something else too.

For me, one of the most important things is: Lighting.  And color.  And arrangement.  And flow.  And music.  And smells.  And visual stimulation.  And simplicity.  And order.  And (lack of) distraction.

Basically, a general, overall ‘I-like-it-here’ feeling.

I pondered on this idea while I was in my dressing room trying on clothes.  It was a clean, bright, colorful dressing room with a large full length mirror and a comfy place to sit.  There was lots of room to hang lots of clothes, which made it very easy to consider options – because you could see everything at once.

It was a happy place.

And when I got home I decided to create one for myself.

Here is the closet before.

closet before









One gallon of sunshine later, a 5000K daylight bulb fixture, two $10 closet rods hung horizontally, a really cool chair (turquoise velvet) and a couple of personal items…

and you’ve got one tricked out dressing room!

tricked out












There’s only one teeny, tiny little problem


what to do with all those books that used to be in that closet!!!

6 thoughts on “Retail Therapy…the doctor is in.

  1. Kristina Trudell

    Love it!

    Any chance you are going to be at Encausticamp this summer? Amanda and I will be there but Colleen will not. I hope you will be there!

    Sent from my iPhone

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  3. You’re right, Lee – we do have a lot in common: books all over the floor, walls, etc. I’m so glad you like my post on The Drift Record. And I love the artwork I see on your blog – so beautiful and intriguing!

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