Living in Vacation Dynasty

So…I’ve been playing a little game each day, on my way back from lunch, that I’ve been playing for quite some time now.

I’ve been noticing car license plates and making note of those visiting from farthest away.

Today it was California.  A red minivan packed to the roof.

I spotted it half a mile down the road (just after getting my lunch) and quickly made the bet I make with myself everyday about this time; “I bet that red minivan is going to turn Right…j-u-s-t…a-b-o-u-t…now!” 

And it does!

I can usually tell.  Whether it’s the motor home pulling a vehicle, the church bus with the U-Haul behind it, the campers, the minivans, the Expeditions and Suburbans, the private chartered buses, the pickup trucks, the Volkswagens… they all seem to have a certain ‘look’ about them.

I win this bet a lot too.  You’d think I was psychic.

But I’m not psychic. The odds are just stacked in my favor because I just so happen to live in a vacation dynasty.  Well, at least that’s what everyone must think it is.

Because they come from far and wide. People from all over the country travel hundreds, if not thousands of miles every dayjust to come here.

And, no, we don’t have an ocean.

There are no mountains.

And Mickey Mouse doesn’t live here.

But there’s one thing we do have. 


And not just any ducks. 

The ‘Bearded’ variety.

(You know the ones I’m talking about.)


BuildingSo the next time you’re feeling blue about your same ole ocean, your predictable National Parks, your ho-hum mountain ranges, your ‘if you’ve had one fantasy-you’ve had them all-Fantasy Lands…just remember – YOU COULD BE HERE and we’re just a short, (thousand-mile) drive away!

So…come on down!! 

And don’t forget to grab a sweet tea while you’re here – ’cause about the only thing sweeter – is our hospitality!

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