Four Way Stop


Everyone is in such a big hurry.

Hurrying to get through the red light.  Hurrying to get to work.  Hurrying to get to lunch.  Hurrying to get home.  Hurrying through the day, through the week – through life.

I used to think its because people are just more busy these days.  But I’m not so sure that’s the case.  I think people hurry for the sake of hurrying.  I think they’re afraid they’re going to miss out on something.

I had a flight cancelled one evening and was stuck in Houston for the night.  While waiting outside the airport (with the rest of the plane’s passengers) I noticed how rude and impatient everyone was.  People would nearly run each other over to get to the shuttle when it pulled up, even though the next shuttle was rounding the corner right behind it.  No one wanted to wait for the next one – they wanted to get on the first one.  And they wanted to be first in line – just like kids on a playground when the bell rings.

It was comical.  Why was everyone still in such a big hurry?  No one could possibly have any plans!  We were all going to hotels, without plans, without transportation and without luggage.  There weren’t a whole lot of options at this point.

Except for maybe…a hot bath, a nice dinner, an early night…my kind of evening! 

Maybe it was just a coincidence my voucher was for a 5-star hotel where some of the other (more vocal) passengers was not… but then…maybe it wasn’t.  That reminds me of a quote I read today…”Life is good-natured to those who are good-natured.” Maybe there’s something to that!! 

‘Four Way Stop’ is an encaustic painting – paying homage to missed flights, long drive-thru lanes, railroad crossings, and anything else that forces us to slow down and enjoy the moment.  Whether we like it or not!!


3 thoughts on “Four Way Stop

  1. So true. I hurry sometimes when running late. But I hate this rushed world.
    I wish this whole culture would slow down.

  2. Oh, yeah…And I really like the ‘four way stop’.

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