Serious words…

“If you’re not actively involved in getting what you want, you don’t really want it”.- –Peter McWilliams (1949- 2000)

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Those who succeed set themselves apart by their commitment

Most of us make an effort:  we prepare; we try; but then we hope.

If you really want to achieve something,

you must be prepared to stretch yourself.

You must distill your energy and focus all your efforts.

You must give of yourself.

(from the book, Now is the Time, by Patrick Lindsay)

This is so true.

How often do we say we want something but give up trying at the first sign of difficulty?

This could be something as simple as working toward eating more healthy foods to starting a new career.

It simply comes down to how bad we REALLY want the ‘thing’ we claim we do.

Or (and this is where it gets sticky) Are we caught up in the ‘idea’ of it more than the actual ‘it’?