Things I’ve Learned So Far…


Things I’ve learned so far about acrylic painting…

1)  There’s a really good chance I won’t like my painting in the beginning (or in the middle, or even close to the end).

2) I can’t think about what I’m doing (too much).

3) I do NOT need to ‘plan’ my paintings.

4) I need to keep going no matter how bad it looks.

5) I can always cover up the bad stuff.

6) It usually won’t start to come together until the last 10 minutes.

7) If it doesn’t start to come together in the last 10 minutes…there’s a good chance it might in the last 5 minutes.

8) Sometimes it just won’t come together.

9) I can’t love every single painting.

10) I will probably doubt myself the whole time.

11) I can always cover up the bad stuff.

12) Its the best way to take a vacation without leaving home.