Circular Reasoning

missing maine

So this is how my brain works…

While I was at lunch today I starting drafting my post for this evening.  It started off being about the benefits of solitude.  I’d written something about how much I enjoy my time alone, the benefits of it and my fantasy of one day through-hiking the Appalachian Trail.  I didn’t finish the post at lunch but figured I would once I got home. However, once I got home I headed straight for the studio.

Once inside I grabbed a piece of paper and immediately started painting – without much thought at all and with little idea where I was going with it.

(Note to self: This is a good thing.)

And, in addition to that…I completed 99% of the painting using nothing but a palette knife.   I worked fast.  It came together very quickly.

As the painting began to develop, I immediately got a sense of place…Maine.

Not too surprising since I think about Maine all the time – but what was surprising was that I’ve never seen it in this way before.  It isn’t how I envision Maine when I’m thinking about it. But it was definitely Maine.

I decided to name the post something about using the palette knife, or the edge of Maine, or maybe, knife edge…then I remembered…

There is a trail in Maine (in Baxter State Park) called ‘Knife Edge Trail’ and it is also the ending (or starting) point (depending on which end you start with) of the Appalachian Trail!