What I was born for.

Every day

I see or I hear


that more or less

kills me

with delight,

that leaves me

like a needle

in the haystack

of light.

It is what I was born for – –

to look, to listen,

to lose myself

inside this soft world – –

to instruct myself

over and over

in joy,

and acclamation.

Nor am I talking

about the exceptional,

the fearful, the dreadful,

the very extravagant – –

but the ordinary,

the common, the very drab,

the daily presentations.

Oh, good scholar,

I say to myself,

how can you help

but grow wise

with such teachings

as these – –

the untrimmable light

of the world,

the ocean’s shine,

the prayers that are made

out of grass?

(“Mindful” Poem by Mary Oliver)

(“Through the Windshield” Image made while driving through Rocky Mountain National Park)

Why I love Infrared

Some people love color photography.  I do too.

Some people love black and white photography.  I love it too.

But not everyone loves infrared photography.


Infrared photography is unlike any other…

I love the detail.

I love the surreal, dream-like quality.

I love the limited palette, the creaminess and the softness and the glow…that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Infrared photography gives you the ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

And that’s why I love it!