Santa Fe Blues

I love wandering around neighborhoods of other cities and towns.

It seems like everything is just more colorful, more eclectic, more interesting, more fun than anything you can find at home.  I’m sure that is because we tend to ‘not see’ things at home because we’re on auto pilot most of the time.  We don’t expect to see anything out of the ordinary – so we usually don’t.

At least that’s how I think it is.

Think about how many times we’re driving somewhere and we get there but don’t remember much about the drive itself.  We wonder how we managed to get there safely…did we even stop at that last red light??!!

These images are all from a very colorful, very eclectic, very interesting and fun neighborhood in Santa Fe.

Can you tell I have a ‘thing’ for blue?

Christmas on the Moon

Sorry I’ve been out of touch…the cell service there is horrible!

I grabbed a few shots  – thought you might like to see them – its not every day you get to see images of the moon ya know…

Hope you had a nice holiday too!

Mammy’s Cupboard

Not your average family owned restaurant!

This one is inside the skirt – literally!

Mammy’s Cupboard is located just outside Natchez, Mississippi on Highway 61 south.  The strange architecture looks very similar to a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth, a popular woman who hails from the south and is known as Mammy by all who love her, thus the name…Mammy’s Cupboard, where pancakes to roasted pork loin, pot pie to homemade pies are offered.

Definitely unique!  An understatement to say the least!  It’s a huge roadside attraction (as you can imagine) due to the fact that she stands 28-foot tall and welcomes passersby with a smile and a serving tray.

I hear the food is really good too.  I’ve yet to make it by during business hours.

Thought you might enjoy a photo of it!

Hay Ride

I’ve been seeing hay bales on the sides of the highway for years and have always wanted to photograph them.  I was finally able to grab a few shots this weekend. It would have been better to be there a little earlier in the day but the timing couldn’t be helped.  Also, the sun was so bright that I could barely make out the composition on the LCD – basically I was just hoping for the best.  But at least I know they will be worth the effort on my next road trip and will plan accordingly!

I love anything with texture and especially love monochromatic landscapes.

I get the strangest looks!

People are always wanting to know what I’m taking a picture of!  They simply can’t understand it.  What could possibly be interesting about landscapes with nothing interesting in them.

But I could photograph them all day.  And sometimes do!

Rainy Days and Sundays

When the weather is dreary and its raining out; the last thing I want to do it take my camera out in it.  But this kind of weather can offer some unique opportunities for image-making.

This image was taken from the inside of the car through the windshield.  My camera stayed dry and so did I!

The rain works like a filter.

It’s a great way to spend a gloomy afternoon!

Have you met Roswell?

Meet my friend Roswell. 

Roswell showed up on my doorstep unannounced one day.  We’d met previously (in Maine) and for whatever reason, he missed me.  He hitched a ride on the first UPS truck headed south.  I was just about to leave on an extended road trip  – I couldn’t just leave him there.

So here we are on our way to Colorado.

Its a long way to Colorado.

We had to make several stops.

He doesn’t say much.

Here he is communing with nature.

And here he is stretching his legs…

Cloudy with a chance of Bugs


No, seriously.  I looove them.  I especially love taking off to a place I’ve never been before. And the further away the better!

Just me and the open road. 

Well…just me and the road and a recently-serviced vehicle, fully inflated spare tire, two cans of fix-a-flat (in case one doesn’t work), fully charged cell phone, phone charger plugged in, phone number for Roadside Assist stored in phone, filed under both ‘R’ for Roadside and ‘A’ for Assist; cross-referenced in the event I become a little frantic (Note: This has never happened.), said phone number printed out and stored in arm rest (in case phone goes dead even though the number would be of absolutely no use to me at that point…hmm), snacks, bottled water, and more snacks.

Oh, and maps!!  For the nice person who stops to help me.

Yep, just me and road!