Just got back from ArtFest 2012 (an art retreat that was held in Port Townsend, Washington) and had a splendid time!

It was a week’s worth of inspiration and creativity for me – as I spent two days in Seattle before heading North.

It was a wonderful week!

I will be posting more later after I get settled…as I am a bit discombobulated right now – (I love saying that word) – which is usually the case transitioning from total immersion in art to the (sometimes harsh) transition back to the real world.

But I wanted to share some quick thoughts (highlights) from an article I read on the flight back.

Nothing fuels the creative process like a spacious mind, an observant heart and the freedom to EXPRESS YOUR SELF…  this article (from Yoga Journal’s May issue) talks about the ‘breathing space’ we need in our minds in order to unleash our creativity.  “Creativity is actually the living, breathing essence of your Self”, says Sianna Sherman, an Anusara Yoga instructor who teaches internationally.  To tap into it you simply need to make space for it.

Some of those interviewed in the article were: Ann Patchett, novelist, who attributes her yoga practice to balancing the pressures of being a high-profile storyteller, and Jason Mraz, singer-songwriter, who says, yoga gave him ‘wings’ and directly contributed to his success when he took his asana practice on the road four years ago.  He is releasing a new album this month and says he wove the yogic theme of interconnection into numerous songs and even wrote a kirtan-inspired tune called ‘Everything is Sound”.

Kirtan seems to be the new word-of-the-day – I’ve seen it more than a couple of times recently.  Kirtan, which is ‘call and response chanting’ according to Wikipedia – is  a devotional tradition in India. Kirtan practice involves chanting hymns or mantras to the accompaniment of instruments; drums and hand cymbals.

Sounds interesting and right along with the thought process of ‘getting into the moment’ – perfect timing too, to put into practice after this past week!

There was quite a bit of unleashing going on at ArtFest…the above image was the beginning of a painting that was primarily done with my fingers and paint!

And allowing ourselves the opportunity to ‘play’ (and get messy!) is a great step in that direction!

Say these words softly and slowly

I’ve been in a poetic mood lately – that’s the best way I can describe it.

I’ve always loved words but this is somehow different and all of a sudden.

I took advantage of my Prime membership today (big surprise) and will be receiving (not one) but two volumes of poetry tomorrow (And, no, I could not wait until Monday for delivery even though it would have been free).

See what I mean??  I’m having poetry over-nighted!

Its kind of scary!

I’ve run across a couple of poems by Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson recently, where each time while reading them, something inside of me ‘tingled’ for lack of a better word.

I never enjoyed poetry before now.  In fact, I never even liked it (much) before now.  So I’m kind of excited to see where this new interest will lead me.

I’m not sure what has changed, other than my perspective, possibly.

Although once, now that I think about it, while watching Anne of Green Gables  (several years ago) that one part – in the beginning – where Anne is reciting the ‘Lady of Shallot’, ‘Willows Whiten, Aspens Quiver’…THAT did get me…maybe I’ve just been in denial all this time.

Anyway…I was perusing the internet just now, looking for ‘beautiful words’ to tide me over until tomorrow and I found a few that I like the sound of.

In fact (according to Wikipedia) there is a term for words or phrases that are ‘beautiful’ simply in terms of phonaesthetics – meaning they have no regard for semantics.  One (much used) example of this is the word:  cellar door. 

Say it softly and slowly. 

Cellar door

Nice, isn’t it?

Here are some others:

(but you have to say them out loud, softly and slowly).






























It’s quite nice, don’t you think?