spin cycle

I’ve been dabbling a bit with digital artcomposites mainlywhere I take a photograph from my camera rolltransform it into something else by applying different apps, most times blending with another image, and then refining that resultSometimes the process varies but usually not by much.  

I do this on my iPad.  I limit myself to images already on hand and most always use only one or two – sometimes three apps.  And since I’m already traveling light, I prefer not to bother with using a stylus 

The workflow is simple and the process very relaxing; I’ve never been so productive! Changing my method of approach has been a real game changer.

I walk into my studio (it’s recently been organized) and I can see all the tools and supplies everywhere I look.  My big studio table is clean and clear and ready for art making.  But sometimes that can be a little overwhelming – even a little intimidating. What do I do first?  The idea of a big, white canvas sounds more like a lot of loud, white noiseMore times than not, I just turn around and walk right back out of the room.

I read somewhere that having too many choices can paralyze our ability to make any choice at all and that couldn’t be any more accurate – for me anyway.  

That’s why I think this limited approach works so well – especially for an artist with limited time to spend in the studio.  

And then the thought came to meLimitations can be very freeing.  

As odd as it sounded at first; I was quickly able to see how much it really makes sense.

Limits are put into place to keep things in check.  We set boundaries for our kids, we put up fences for our pets…we set boundaries all the time. 


This limited way of working has definitely put the emphasis on the creativity part – I’now working with only what is available at hand (my existing camera roll) and limiting myself to using just a couple of apps.  I now have to be more creative with what I haveand in the time I have to use it.  One thing I do know is: my productivity has greatly improved.    

But should that really be a surprise?  

Isn’t that how we do most everything else?  Isn’t that how we all spend our daysmulti-tasking to meet multiple goals in an already tight schedule?  

Maybe it’s not such an odd thing after all.  Maybe I’m just part of a new evolution.  

And that puts a whole new spin on things!  


Right now I’m working on self-publishing a book of images, interestingly enough called, ‘Spin Cycle’.

Funny how things work!


4 thoughts on “spin cycle

  1. Lee,
    I know you are in a much different arena, but I am taking an abstract watercolor & mixed media workshop at the gallery on Trenton St. In mid April. 3 days, 10-4. Call me or just sign up if interested. rc

    • studiolightblue

      Oh I wish I could!!
      The timing isn’t great – but I want to see what you do!!
      We’ll get together sometime during or after! Thanks for letting me know about it! Have fun!!

  2. Hi,
    I found your blog by accident, a HAPPY accident I might say. You don’t have an email addy posted so I have to write this here. You are following my blog on wordpress but it is an old, old blog I don’t use anymore. If you are still interested in what is happening at Dog In The Hole Studio then check out Dogintheholestudio.com at blogger. Lots of chatter about abstract art, personal stuff, thoughts about stuff, photography and sometimes I complain about the weather, just life stuff, you know. Hope to see you around! :)Bea


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