What’s Your Story?


The other day I received what I consider to be my first ‘negative’ comment on my Instagram feed. It wasn’t necessarily a bad comment but one I felt definitely had negative intentions.  

I can honestly say, though, the comment was eye opening – in more ways than one.  

The comment came after I’d received several complimentary comments about a particular (abstract) image I had posted.  

This commenter wanted to know: ‘What is abstract art?’, ‘Where is the talent??’ and ‘Would someone please explain this to me!!’

For some reason I felt compelled to give an explanation even though I had doubts as to the sincerity of the question. Wouldn’t an ‘artist’ know what ‘abstract art’ was? Especially an artist with such ‘confidence’?

And when I said the comment was eye-opening I did mean it in a good way!

First of all it caused me to stop and think what ‘having talent’ actually means.

How is talent defined? Who gets to decide who is talented and who is not? And, more importantly, why did this person even care? Did my ‘lack of talent’ offend him? Did it take away from his ability to make art? It may sound as if his comment really bothered me but I assure you it did not.

It made me think

Why do I create the art I create? 

Why in this style, in this way? With these subjects and these colors?


I realized his comments made me want to defend my art but not in a defensive way at all. (And no one could have been any more surprised by this fact than me!)

‘Abstract art’, I informed him, ‘is a visual language that does not attempt to represent an accurate reality but instead uses shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect. If it engages the viewer it is considered successful. All art is ultimately valuable for its effect on the viewer and (in most cases involving true artists) for the effect is has on the artist who creates it. Whether or not the artist is viewed as ‘having talent’ is a non-issue for it is far more important for the artist to be able to tell their story through their art. Thanks for asking!”

And here it was.

The answer to the question I did not know I needed an answer to.  

I do what I do because this is my story to tell. And this is how I choose to tell it. I hope you enjoy it but its ok if you don’t. I share it because I can only hope you might benefit from it in some small way (or even in a large way) that it might change your day for the better or simply serve as inspiration. I create this art because I can’t NOT create it. If it helps you too then it’s a good day – whether talent is involved or not!
You can see my stories unfold at: http://www.instagram.com/AKALIGHTBLUE

10 thoughts on “What’s Your Story?

  1. How timely. I love you.

    • studiolightblue

      Perfect timing is right!!XOSent from Yahoo Ma

    • Yes!! It sure does help me. It fills my heart with its soaring beauty and its questing searches and its thoughtful quiet. A friend who is an art dealer said that as you mature in your appreciation of art you tend to like abstract art more. I just know i love your art. Keep sending it my way!

  2. momwhearingloss

    I love abstract and I think your art is beautiful. Posy hit a chord with me and made me laugh. I love abstract and my husband doesn’t. He likes art that looks like a “picture.” He thinks abstract artists needs glasses! Consequently our house has many different styles of art some abstain and some pictures!

  3. momwhearingloss

    Typing on my mobile correction post not posy and abstract bot abstain!

    • studiolightblue

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment – I really do appreciate it!I got your last comment (the one correcting the auto correct) and didn’t see the first comment unt

  4. I love your response to this!! 🙂 Keep on making art!

  5. Great post and your response was perfect. Im glad you were able to turn a potentially negative comment into a positive experience. I had something similar happen to me on FB, but the guy was really, I mesn, really belligerent. Something was definitely wrong with him, yikes!


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