jumpstarting creativity

One way I like to get the creative juices flowing is by just going out and shooting with reckless abandon. With a camera, of course!!

I’m not a technical person by any means and even though my cameras have lots of bells and whistles, I prefer to set everything to auto most of the time.  I don’t want to have to worry about all the math.  I never liked math.

So this particular invention is one of my all time favorites – the lensbaby.  If you’re even slightly interested in photography and have a camera capable of changing lenses…then I HIGHLY recommend you consider one of these.  Check out Lensbaby.com – they’ve come out with even more gadgets – and you can look in the website’s gallery to see how they all work.

They’re really inexpensive (as camera equipment goes) and SO MUCH FUN! 

2 thoughts on “jumpstarting creativity

  1. Definitely want to get one. Which one do you have? Do you have the one with all the interchangeable parts?

    • You know..I’d have to look – I think it was the very first lensbaby that came out that I was using when I took these ..a friend has also lent me one of his (a more recent version) but both were ‘basic’ models. I get updates from Lensbaby everytime they put a new one out…and I drool over the email for days. I’ve been thinking about getting a new one – but haven’t yet.

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