Feed the Koi

Just about everyone has a smart phone these days.  IF you have one and IF you’re wanting the coolest wallpaper (that doubles as a relaxation -stress reliever) then you must check out KOI Free.  Its a Live Wallpaper (they’re all the rage now).  I have a Droid X2 phone…not sure if its  available for all the others (but more than likely it is) …if so, GET IT!  Its free.  I wish I could include a high definition video to show you how it works in living color but the phone would be obsolete by the time I figured out how to download it.

But here’s the gist of it…an HD screen saver/wallpaper of a Koi pond that looks incredibly real.  Not only do the fish swim about (their little fins move to the motion) but you can touch the screen and make ripples on the surface of the water – as if you stuck your finger in real water! And if that wasn’t cool enough…you can proceed to tap on the screen to release fish food into the water and wait and watch (in amazement) as the fish come into the area and proceed to eat the food – every last bite – until its gone.

Its like having your own personal aquarium in your purse!


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