My Happy Meal

I realize going out to lunch can be a real treat.  Especially a lunch during the week when your day has been exceptionally long and you’re definitely needing a break.  Most people think about treating themselves to one of those ‘nice’ places they normally wouldn’t go to – or at least not that often anyway.

Well, today was a long day – it was a long day before it was even lunch time.  One of those days.

Normally I like to bring my lunch so that I can enjoy the whole hour. I like to read or cruise the internet – it makes me feel like I’m getting more bang for my buck.

But I’ve found, when I do this, more times than not, my lunch ‘hour’ gets interrupted – alot.  I think it’s because whenever anyone sees you at your desk (whether you’re scarfing down a sandwich, reading a book, surfing the net, whatever it is you like to do during your lunch) – it always seems to appear to them that you’re ‘available’.  And even though they claim they don’t want to interrupt you – they always do.

SO… Out to lunch I go – book in hand.

Where can a person go for some real quality book time AND lunch?

Sonic of course!

What better place to park the car, roll the windows up, (or leave ’em down if the weather’s nice and you don’t mind their choice of music), pop open a book or listen to your own music and relax – all in the comfort of your own car while having a tasty snack!  You can even (sort of) stretch out – just don’t fall asleep!

And in honor of today’s lunch… and because I photograph the weirdest things…here’s a picture to prove it!

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