Cell Mate

How did we ever manager without cell phones?  Sometimes I think I’d like to try and find out.

I was waiting to check out at the drug store the other night and I guess because I was tired, I let myself ‘tune out’ briefly.  I attempted to fade into the background; to remove myself from the activity that was around me.

It was a very brief attempt because the first thing that became apparent was the constant ringing of cell phones.  Ring tones, song tones, alarm tones all at volumes only necessary for the hard of hearing.  It was a bit disconcerting.

How were we ever able to manage before cell phones?

Looking back – I don’t ever remember feeling a void because I didn’t have a way to get in touch with anyone and everyone.  Now, if we get off without our phones for as little as five minutes, we nearly panic.

I admit I am comforted by having my cell phone with me – in the event I truly need to get in touch with someone.  But I find having time to turn off from the outside world is becoming more and more a necessity than a luxury.

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