Partly Cloudy

I was expecting sunny skies this weekend – had big plans to break out the cyanotype supplies…but yesterday was partly sunny and I held out till today thinking it would be mostly sunny (and a better choice for my plans).

But I was mistaken.

The forecast was incorrect.  Gee..that’s never happened before.

Oh, well.  Another day…

But because the weather wasn’t cyanotype-worthy I ended up getting rid of a whole lot of stuff  indoors (that had been piling up in the corner of one of the spare bedrooms which I’m now using as an office) – which worked out better anyway…now when the weather is sunny I won’t feel guilty about playing when I should be cleaning.  Yay!

I did take advantage of the nice light and grabbed a few shots this evening as I was wandering around the yard – so it ended up being a very nice weekend.

Hope you had a nice one too!

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