The Gift of Daydreaming

Daydreaming has gotten a bad rap in the past.  When you hear that someone is daydreaming, the first thought that usually comes to mind is..’they’re wasting time, goofing off, procrastinating’.

But daydreaming isn’t a luxury.  Its a gift, an exploration – a respite.

Daydreaming also has many benefits.

  • It can improve your creativity. And by improving creativity your problem solving abilities are exercised.
  • It can lower blood pressure – it works as a form of hypnosis; lowering stress levels.
  • It can boost the mood with thoughts; working in a process of visualization.
  • It relieves boredom and is a form of escapism.
  • It can improve social relationships with others by allowing abstract thinking – or ‘what if’ scenarios; causing a more empathetic state of mind.

And for daydreaming to have the most beneficial effect…pay attention – maintain enough awareness while you are daydreaming so that you can take advantage of the creative insight.

So… slow down, relax your mind and enjoy the journey through your imagination!

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