The Story of Half Girl

Once upon a time there was a girl who didn’t like to exercise.  She tried all sorts of exercises but to no avail.  They were either too hard or too boring or a combination of both.

One day she decided to buy one of those mini trampolines because she’d always heard such great things about them.

So she bought one.

A few years later she donated it to Goodwill in ‘mint’ condition.  There really is no good place to store a mini trampoline you know.

A few years later she got the idea again.  And bought another mini trampoline.  Sadly it was donated as well.

When she bought her third mini trampoline her husband asked her if it wouldn’t be easier to just donate money instead, she scoffed and said, “I plan on using this!

And that mini trampoline was the one.

It was the one that reminded her she really didn’t like mini trampolines at all. That she was merely captivated by the idea.  And if it was the idea she was smitten with then no personal pan sized one would do. She needed the extra large party sized one!

One where she could jump as high as she wanted, toss and turn, wiggle and giggle and scream out loud if she wanted to.  One where she could bounce and twirl and dance and skip and sing a song if she dared to.  One that would be friendly and forgiving and soften her landings so that she would want to do it again and again and again and again…

And that is what she did.

The End.

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