The girl loves to (photo)shop!

When it comes to photography, its really hard for me to pass up any interesting juxtaposition; colors, shapes, textures, etc., and not take a picture.  But that is rarely the case these days anyway since my cellphone has a fairly good camera in it.

You can hear my camera/phone’s shutter clicking on any given day.

And one fun thing I like to do while browsing through images is to drop them into the ‘filter gallery’ of Photoshop (or any other photo manipulation program that has this option) and try on different ‘looks’.

You never know what you’re going to get and it can take you in a completely different direction when thinking about post-production (or ways to show/display your images).

For instance; you may think you’ve taken a perfectly ‘normal’ landscape, ready for the typical frame and glass combination, but after dropping the image into one of the filters, you find the image looks amazing as an abstract and are suddenly inspired to print it LARGE onto gallery-wrapped canvas instead.

The point is, it can change everything.

Here’s an example of an image shown two different ways:

Straight image:

And an altered version:

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