This Bud’s for you…

This Bud’s for you, Mr. Super Important Psychiatrist Man.

Even though the train through DFW airport was over crowded with weary travelers, you still found the strength to share your personal phone call with each and every one of us; unselfishly taking time out of your incredibly important life to pass along each and every detail of your busy day, projecting your voice like only a seasoned professional could do so that not one single person would miss out on the life lessons you so willingly were ready to share.

Oh, to be so important!

Please tell your nephew, Christopher, that JV sports ARE as important as varsity and it will only be a short time before he will be experiencing it soon enough for himself.

And please remind little Lisa that good manners ARE important and to treat her stepmother with respect.  And you’re right – we’re certain she wouldn’t want to be treated that way either.

We’re all so very happy that you will be giving that opening speech at the convention!  How exciting and what an honor that must be!

Fortunately, we won’t have to worry about you not being refreshed for it, since you’ll be able to sleep on the plane in those extra large First Class seats you have. We weren’t aware the special passengers got pillows AND blankets!!  Thanks for keeping us informed!

And the geography lesson about the time zones was such a thoughtful gesture; I’d heard of Brazil but wasn’t sure just exactly where it was!

So this Bud’s for youyou’ve inspired not only me but an entire train load of people!

And, please, don’t feel bad about the suggestions the nice airport man offered you as you exited off the train…he only said those things because he cares about you!

We all do!


2 thoughts on “This Bud’s for you…

  1. I just love your little snippetts . . . a day in the life of L

    From another L – Dorm Diva 2011

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