We’ll always have Paris

If you were completely free from money worries… what would you do?

I’m talking AFTER you paid off all of your bills – AFTER you paid forward your kid’s college tuitions, and their kids, and their kids and AFTER you put plenty of money into savings and retirement accounts for you and your entire family, AFTER all of the usual things we normally plan for.  What then?

I’m talking NO money worries.

Think Paris Hilton.

What would you do next?

I’ve often thought about this.

Not because I dream of being that way – seriously, that’s not the reason.  But because I wonder what these people do

every day of every week of every year,

and the year after that and the year after that.

Think about it. 

  • There would be no reason to further your education.  Because ‘getting ahead’ in the world wouldn’t be necessary.  You’re already there.  No real goals would be needed at all.
  • There would really be no reason to create anything. Initially you may want to – but sooner or later you’d stumble upon an artisan somewhere in the world who’d be more than happy to work for you exclusively creating just exactly what you imagined you needed.  And besides, your social calendar wouldn’t allow for too much idle time anyway – so it would be wonderful to find that person who could do all the work for you, just like you liked it and just in time for the next big event. (I hear the social obligations are relentless!)
  • I suppose you could travel the world.  And there would be no reason to hurry back. No job or commitments to worry about (except for that social calendar I mentioned).  And even that is totally optional.

But what would you do on these trips after seeing all there was to see?  Buy stuff?    What for?  As a reminder of your time there?  It’s not like you couldn’t go back the next weekend if you wanted to.  You’ve got that private jet, after all.

And where would you put all of that stuff anyway?

Clutter can weigh you down.  And besides, it’s kind of wasteful.

I imagine a life like this would be like being on one l o n g vacation.

Have you ever been on a really long vacation?   One of those e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d vacations where you start to wonder whether you’ve seen just about enough and you’d really be o.k. if you left a day early?

Well imagine that is your life.

One     l o n g    e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d    vacation.

No goals.

No driving forces.

No commitments.

No boundaries whatsoever…

Again, think Paris Hilton.


Life is good.

-clip art image found online, printed out on my computer printer, photographed the print-out with my cell phone, opened up in Photoshop and played around with the filters til I found one I liked…

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