My New ‘Thing’

I’m wishy-washy, I’ll admit it.

I’m always starting something new.  Everyone who knows me – knows this.

And I can’t just start something new…I have to go ALL OUT.

Like the time I decided I wanted to start mountain biking.  You can’t mountain bike with just any old bike.  You have to have a ‘mountain’ bike.  An all terrain bicycle.  I researched for the longest time.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  I bought the latest issues of Mountain Bike magazine, shopped for gear and finally bought a bike.

And I did bike. 

Once. – – Okay, twice.

But that was it.

Or like the time I decided I wanted to start backpacking.  You have to understand I had never even been camping before – not even in a campground on a cot – much less in a tent I would have to carry on my back (along with everything else I would need)!

So I researched that too.  I found the perfect trip – a trip for women, led by women.  I read every book and magazine.  I shopped for gear and equipment – and you need a lot of equipment.  I even read journals of people through-hiking the Appalachian Trail because I wanted to do that too!(That is still on my list, btw).

This was a major undertaking for someone like me…and I got everything a person would have to have to be outfitted for backpacking.

And i did it.  I backpacked for a week in the Sierra Nevada’s.  It was great – I loved it.  And I haven’t done it since.

So when I tell people I’m starting a new ‘thing’ they usually just roll their eyes.

But the amazing thing about THIS new thing (the one I named this post for) is that this new thing is something completely different from all the other new ‘things’ I’ve done in the past.

Let me give you some background. 

I went shopping and bought a really cool bracelet.  It was also a really expensive bracelet.  (But I really REALLY liked it.)  I got to looking at it and wanted to know how it was made so I did some research (hard to believe, I know) and found out that mere mortals make these bracelets!

Well, I decided I wanted to learn how to make them too!

I know you think you know the rest of the story…


I’m happy to tell you I think this may actually be an ‘on-going thing’ for me…

Time will tell – but it’s been a couple of weeks already!

And here’s a couple of pictures to prove it!

The beginning of one bracelet…

And the finished product.

And this one I actually made this afternoon (it’s an LSU bracelet).

Who knew??!!

2 thoughts on “My New ‘Thing’

  1. I wish you lived closer. I’ve done the jewelry thing and have LOTS of beads and equipment. You could shop my studio and save a lot of money! Beads always come in handy. I’m always getting into my stash so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted a bunch of money.

    Maybe you should bring your tent and sleeping bag to Encausticamp!

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