Saturday at the Wrecking Yard

Its official – I’m now a card carrying member of the local wrecking yard (good for one year) – its laminated and everything!

Why would I need access into a wrecking yard, you ask? 

Good question.  Until I found myself tagging along (as a quest) I had no idea I would need one either.  Apparently ‘guests’ can’t go in without a card (or a fee).  So now I have one!

If you’ve never been to one of these yards, let me show you around…

They’re very well organized (not like what you would think) and very clean too.

People visit these yards for different reasons – to look for various parts; you can find parts like door knobs, cup holders, dash items; parts that may be hard to find because of the year, make and model you are looking for or you can find current model parts for a lot less money than if you purchased from a dealership.

Some are looking for bigger things, like hoods, windshields, seats and motors.

Every part of every car is available for the picking.  You bring your tools and take what you need.  You pay on your way out.

And then there are some people who just wander around and take photos!

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