Spring has Sprung!

At least in this part of the world…

And I spent the better part of the day roaming around the yard documenting it with my cell phone (and that new app I mentioned the other day – ‘roidizer’).

I have two Redbud trees – one is in full bloom (but its small) and the other (which is much larger) is just beginning to put blooms on – as in these two images…
















I love how delicate and determined the blooms are.

I ended up in the front yard and next thing I know I’m fixated on the brick walk path that leads from my front door.














































Taking so many of these images made me think about an article I’d read just yesterday in (Flea Market Decor’s Spring 2012 issue)  – about how someone made laser copies of an antique quilt and papered the wall with that (instead of hanging the quilt itself).  That’s a cool idea, don’t you think?

And I made enough images of the walk today that I could probably recreate the walk if I wanted to!  (I guess its a photographer’s thing).

Anyway…while I was focused on the patterns and colors of the antique brick I became aware of a rather noisy commotion going on up in the trees   A crow was really crowing and carrying on – so much that i had to wander closer to see if I could tell what all the fuss was about.

Then I hear the owl.

I looked in the direction of the sound and saw an immense silhouette on one of the branches way up high, but thought I must be seeing something else.  But, no, it was the owl.  He was huge!!

He took off and the crow proceeded to chase him!  I always thought it would be the other way around.  But apparently this wasn’t the case in this particular situation because that crow chased him until I lost sight of them both.  But I heard the crow fussing for at least another thirty minutes (where ever they ended up).

Spring is definitely here!

Oh, and before I forget…before and after images of the blue room.

One thought on “Spring has Sprung!

  1. Love spring and the blue walls look so much better

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