In a Shady Wady

In July
by Evaleen Stein

Let us find a shady wady
Pretty little brook;
Let us have some candy handy,
And a picture book.

There all day we’ll stay and play and
Never mind the heat,
While the water gleaming, streaming,
Ripples round our feet.

And we’ll gather curly pearly
Mussel shells while bright
Frightened minnows darting, parting,
Scurry out of sight.

What if, what if, – heigho! my oh! –
All the “ifs” were true,
And the little fishes wishes,
Now, what would you do?

I saw some kids riding in the back of a pickup truck the other day (it was really hot outside) and my first thoughts were ‘who would be so cruel to make their kids ride in the back of a pickup?!’ – but then I noticed the smiles on the kids faces…

They seemed to be having a great time and I remembered thinking (as a kid) how fun it must be to get to ride in the back of a pickup.  I never got to…but I had lots of friends who did and it wasn’t for punishment!

This just made me think about how different the perspective of a child is and so, I went looking for something to illustrate this..

I found the poem on and the image is one I took with my Lensbaby – in Estes Park, Colorado.

I hope it brings up nice memories of summer for you too!

2 thoughts on “In a Shady Wady

  1. My daughter remembers the exciting adventure of riding in the back of our ’68 Chevy to the neighborhood pool when she was 6. She and my son wanted to ride in the back so badly, so Scott had them lay down so they would be safe. Then to keep them there, he told tales of the children’s police that would see them if they lifted their heads. They laughed and giggled all 3 blocks to the pool laying oh-so-still, knowing that there was no children’s police, but being caught up in the adventure of it all.

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