A Day Among the Trees

I’ve passed this stand of cedar (?) trees along the interstate so many times, I can’t even remember…and each time I say ‘next trip I will stop!’.

It seems the time of day was never quite perfect, or I’d already passed the exit that I needed to take and it would just be too much trouble to go all the way back …or I wasn’t by myself (and few people understand my need – or the time it takes – to photograph).

This time the sun was cooperating, I was by myself and I took the time to turn around and go back to the exit I’d missed.  Because I also remembered (and learned the hard way) that sometimes when you ‘go back’ the subject is no longer there!

I always refer to this stand of trees as a ‘pod’ for some reason – they almost look to have a social order.

Taken with my converted (infrared) camera.

One thought on “A Day Among the Trees

  1. Love these trees! Very unique photos!

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