Apple of my iPhone

Ok, I know I said that I’d gotten an older iPhone (to experiment with iPhoneography) and I’ve been having tons of fun with it – and I’ve had no problems at all…but its just really hard to continue along this new found path knowing what I know now, and knowing there is a newer and much improved version of what I’ve been using just around the corner (at the iPhone store!).

Such a dilemma!

Especially after watching the very inspiring tutorial on iPhoneography by Richard Koci Hernandez: iPhone Photography, from Shooting to Storytelling (that I found on last night).  If you’re not familiar with – you must check it out!  Its a one-stop shop for learning just about every known software available.  And in this course, Mr. Hernandez, a professional photographer who clearly is passionate about photography, celebrates the art of iPhoneography – how to shoot, enhance and share photos with an iPhone. 

I’ve included the brief ‘introduction’ clip here (if I was able to copy and paste it correctly; if not, go to – and view it for free (before deciding whether or not you want to subscribe).  Do a search for ‘iPhone’, then choose “from Shooting to Storytelling – click on ‘Introduction’ once the course outline appears.


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