Painting is just another way of keeping a diary – – Pablo Picasso

So, its still raining…and I extended my ‘exercise’ by working on more collage pieces today.

I guess its true that most of the art we make is a self-portrait in some sense of the word …but I just never really thought about it in the literal sense so much.

This piece was inspired by a model in a catalog who looks nothing at all like me – but three people have already asked me if this is a picture of me.

Isn’t that interesting.

Making the model resemble me in some way was definitely not my intention, nor could I have pulled it off even if it had been, I’m not a realist painter – I’m barely a painter at all!  And anyway… this collage uses the actual image of the model – I only embellished it a bit!

I guess the expression of some part of me must have come through somehow.

Art is so cool.

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