Hot Off The Box

My newest toy – an encaustic HOTbox!

This is the best tool for making encaustic monotypes…I learned all about the process this past weekend while attending Paula Roland’s workshop at The Encaustic Center in Dallas, Texas.

Lots of great information and inspiration was shared – I’m literally dreaming in wax every night…can’t wait to put it to use in my studio!

I’m busy setting up the new space now…but will be sharing much more information soon.

In the meantime you can visit ‘‘ for more about Paula and the encaustic monotype process and ‘‘ for more about Bonny Leibowitz’s Encaustic Center in Dallas.

Here’s one of my prints from the workshop…

2 thoughts on “Hot Off The Box

  1. Well! Congrats! I made a monotype at Jess’s Jumpstart Creativity Tour. It’s quite fun!
    Your hotbox is beautiful!!!

  2. Thank you!!
    YES, it IS fun – I’m quite excited about it!
    Can’t wait to get the space set up!

    There needs to be a southern wax tour for the dorm divas!

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