Stream of Consciousness Artmaking

Standing in front of my new Hotbox yesterday I was a little nervous.

Its the same exact Hotbox I used in the workshop I attended a week or so ago…and I wasn’t nervous then – but for some reason the pressure seemed to be on once I got it home.

I decided to put it in a room I had very easy access to…not off somewhere in another space where I had to ‘schedule’ time for it.

After making the first few prints I was getting a little worried that possibly I’d made a mistake in buying it.  I didn’t have the ‘feeling’ I’d had when I was in the workshop.

There were no comments being made…only the comments of the voice in my head.

And that’s usually not a good thing.

As a last resort, I picked up one of my favorite blues and colored in a ‘sky’ and then outlined a simple landscape on the plate.  I’ve always created landscapes when working in the traditional encaustic process – not sure why I thought I should be doing something different with the monotype process.

And I’m usually fairly pleased with the results.

Landscapes with earth and sky are comfortable and familiar.  And of course, the color blue makes me smile.

After I’d finished the first landscape, I continued in an almost frantic pace.  I couldn’t make them fast enough.  I couldn’t wait to make the next one.

And at the end of the night (much later that I should have been up) I didn’t want to wipe the plate off.

So I left it to cool the way it was.

This is a picture of the ghost image (what was left after the last print was made).

I’m glad I thought to take a picture – maybe it will remind me to start with what is familiar and go from there.

One thought on “Stream of Consciousness Artmaking

  1. Most beautiful!
    And are you going to Ecamp next July? *fingers crossed

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