These $20, 18-drawer storage cabinets (Stack-On brand) that I found at Lowe’s seem to do the trick!  Each drawer is large enough to hold one X-large, 333ml block of encaustic (which not all colors come in – most come is smaller sizes) plus room for a few smaller ones.

I printed paint samples onto paper and wrote the names underneath to attach to each drawer holding that sample.  I made the mistake of throwing away the identification wrappings from some of the bars (early on) thinking I would know which ones they were – but some are hard to tell (i.e. impossible to tell) just by looking.  So, fyi, keep the names with the bars, if at all possible, for future re-order needs.

Having the printed samples at your fingertips is imperative for visualizing/selecting color schemes…duh!  I was overlooking those colors I couldn’t identify right away and grabbing the more familiar ones…over and over again.  

Silly me.

2 thoughts on “Aaah…organization!

  1. I googled encaustic paint storage and look who I stumble across. xo

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