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I was flipping through a magazine today when I ran across a page spread showing a room decorated in shades of blue – turquoise specifically.  There was an immediate mood lift – I’m serious.  I think my heart even skipped a beat!  Seeing the colors in this spread caused a physical reaction in me.  And this isn’t the first time this has happened.  I felt inspired and optimistic, instantly.  I decided to see what I could find out about the subject…and this is one of the articles (below).  I think we should give this some serious consideration.  What could it hurt?

Colors And Your Mood – The Special Effects of Turquoise

Impact of Colors

Of all the colors in our spectrum, turquoise is among the most refreshing and sophisticated. In color therapy turquoise is used to aid in clarity of thought and improve upon communication abilities. Being a combination of blue and green, it possesses traits of both colors as well as a unique combination of other benefits. Let’s find out more on what turquoise can do for our moods.

Calming Color

Turquoise is calming and can improve your ability to handle emotions.


Turquoise represents calming and controlled emotions. It is a color of balance and can influence self sufficiency. It can be a lot of fun bringing more color into your home and turquoise is cool and gentle. If you feel you could use some support in your emotion handling, this color can relax your mind while allowing you to complete important tasks with much less pressure.

Special Effects

Using turquoise’s color qualities can provide peaceful scenery and improve your outlook on your tasks. If you sometimes struggle with stress from work overload, this color can help ease your mind and help you stay focused on the big picture. Below are the special effects of turquoise.

– Turquoise can enhance your abilities for concentration and focusing on tasks. It also promotes clarity of thought while influencing better organizational skills. It can be an excellent color to have in your creative environment such as a home studio or office.

– It can promote a feeling of being restored emotionally. Turquoise can promote peace of mind and help you feel more up to conquer creative blocks.

– Harmony can be yours when you surround yourself in this color. Maintaining motivation for our creative outlets or home businesses can be improved upon by featuring turquoise in your view.

Promotes Peace of Mind

The color turquoise promotes a more peaceful state of mind.

Resources for Turquoise

Turquoise is such a soothing color that it can be of great benefit having it in your field of vision or by simply wearing clothing featuring its shade. Easy ways to include this color more often for your eyes and mood is to keep stones or flowers with the color of turquoise. Even hanging fabric of this shade can be of great use. Change that boring corner in your room where your desk is by changing the color of fabric you hang. Doing this can have the color in your view the whole time you are there. You can even have fun with it and hang a different shade every day for variety in your scenery. This can do wonders for your creativity and unlock subconscious ideas that have been dormant.

Improve Your Mood

Being open to the qualities colors possess can improve your life in ways you thought weren’t possible. It’s incredible how simple changes in your scenery, particularly where you work, can bring with it such beneficial results. Be creative and think of ways you can add the color turquoise to your vision. With all of the qualities it is said to possess, it is an excellent color to benefit from. Thank you for reading this article on how colors can have a role on your mood.

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