Clouds in my Coffee

cloudview3 cloudview1cloudview2

cloudview4I confess.

I have a cloud fetish.

I’ve known about it for a really long time.  I simply can’t help myself.

I’ve even stopped trying.

But surely you can understand my afflictionLOOK AT THESE CLOUDS!!!!!

Are they not incredible?  Is the color not amazing?  Are these not the most beautiful clouds you’ve ever seen  i-n   y-o-u-r   l-i-f-e ???

Well then… are they at least, the most beautiful clouds you’ve ever seen today??

Humor me.

And to make it even more incredibly, amazingly, unbelievable…these clouds were shot through a really dirty car window while traveling roughly 80 mph.

I didn’t tweak the color at all – these are straight out of the camera.

Seriously…these clouds really are beautiful – don’t you think?

6 thoughts on “Clouds in my Coffee

  1. I have a habit of staring at clouds – the other day stopped at a red light with my son in the car – a cloud caught my attention – I said to my son – do you see that whale up there – he said what whale – I said it looks like a grey whale – he thought I was crazy – no imagination in these kids today! You’re pics are beautiful.

  2. I love your cloud photos! They are so full of energy. I can actually feel the speed of your traveling cause the skies have a pulse ! I just started my first blog ever this week. It feels so right. I am an artist too but haven’t posted a real About Me yet. I like yours- so it will inspire me. Thanks!

    • Hi Nicole!
      Thanks for your comment – I really appreciate it!
      I stopped by your site for a visit but ran into a bit of technical difficulty trying to leave a comment.
      Just thought I’d let you know – others may be having the same problem.
      I’m fairly new at this too – but if I can help you in any way…just let me know!

  3. Reblogged this on A New Beginning 2012 and commented:
    Love clouds

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