Finding the Wonderful

If you’re like me, you’ve amassed quite a stash of your own ‘art’ over the years.

Some of it (or maybe a lot of it) you’re very proud of, but some of it you may not be exactly thrilled with – but you certainly wouldn’t throw it away…you just put it aside, thinking you’ll do something with it at a later time.

I was looking over some encaustic monotypes I’d made recently and noticed that, even though some of the prints weren’t wonderful (as a whole), parts of them were.

I decided to excavate the wonderful parts from the un-wonderful wholes.

I snapped these crops with my cell phone and the roidizer app.

The change in perspective made all the difference! 

This reminded me that art isn’t always what and where we think it is; sometimes it has to be found  – even if its been right there, under our noses the whole time!

And another great thing about it…when you remove parts from the whole – the parts form a series that is wonderfully cohesive!  small10small11small12

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