Sub-stract Art



Gather some of your art and photograph ‘parts’ of it.  Not the whole piece. 

Zoom in; move the camera around and find pleasing juxtapositions.  You’ll be amazed at how many can be found in one painting alone!

The change in perspective creates wonderful surprises; think macro photography – its a great way to see your art in a whole new way.

I thought calling it Substract Art would be appropriate since you’re subtracting from art to create abstract art.

Think of the possibilities! 

*These ‘substracts’ were created from encaustic monotypes I pulled from the Hotbox a while back, but you can do it with any art (or photograph).

It’s sort of like going on an excavation; there’s always the chance you’ll find a buried treasure!

*I used the Roidizer app on my phone; I really love the square polaroid format – it frames them up nicely. But if you intend on taking this a step further (possibly creating prints from the originals) consider using a tripod and/or a camera with more capabilities.

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