morning sunriseMaine lighthousetidal foamshark2flyingfishtopo1first snow of the seasonyellow beachspringmt2

One thing I really enjoy is looking through images I’ve made in my (digital) files.

These images were taken of some of my Encaustic Monotypes.

Encaustic Monotypes are created by painting with molten, pigmented wax onto a heated surface.  And then, just like regular monotypes, prints are ‘pulled’ from the surface.

The heated surface I use is one created by Paula Roland, called a Hotbox.

I took a three-day workshop with Paula last Fall and highly recommend it!

I call these images ‘topographies’.

I’ve given each one a name…

see if you see what I see!

First Light

The Lighthouse

Tidal Foam

The Shark

Flying Fish

Coast of Maine

Snow Clouds

Gold Beach

Blueberry Hill

4 thoughts on “Topographies

  1. Hey Ho: Another Mixed Media Encaustic Birthday Card | Poetic Mapping: Walking into Art

    […] Topographies ( […]

    • studiolightblue

      Thank you for the mention on your blog!
      I appreciate it! And I am enjoying your blog as well!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful. Shark is my favourite 🙂

    • studiolightblue

      Thank you so much! I never get tired of looking at these…I love the fact that they are just a small ‘piece’ of the whole and that they can stand on their own as little works of art, all by themselves. It really is all about our perspective. Thank you again!!


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