Twilight Twinkle

  Did you know…

That in only two places in the entire world there is a phenomenon called ‘simultaneous bioluminescence’ where fireflies in the area sync up their flashes so they all light up at the same time repeatedly all night long. This happens (apparently) in Southeast Asia and Smoky Mountain National Park.

I had no idea!

Found on ‘The Magic & Folklore of Fireflies’

This image is another one of my iPad creations.

Summer Dreams


Dance of the Fireflies

In the shadows of the night,
The Sprites came out to play.
While the moon was covered, new,
With stars to light the way.

There she sat amidst the flowers,
This warm mid summers eve.
Fragile seen and light she was,
So hard to there perceive.

When she heard a voice call out
To her there from above.
“Come on up and dance with me!”,
Said he there full of love.

Quickly then she looked on up,
And saw a Spritely lad.
Floating there on wings of light,
Enough to make her glad.

Swiftly she unfolded wings,
Made of gossamer light.
Joining him up in the air,
To dance away the night.

Integral patterns there they flew,
Beneath that hidden moon,
With their wings all there aglow,
To their own hearts tune.

Faster now they flew as one,
Brighter as they went.
Finding love and joy in hearts,
All through the night thus spent.

Down on earth a couple looked,
At lights seen dancing there,
Smiling softly as they watched,
Those fireflies in the air.

Poem by  Dwayne Leon Rankin (found on-line) – it seemed appropriate for the artwork I’ve included here.

The temperature reached into the mid 80s today – very summer-like!  I spent most of the day in my (newly enlarged) studio.  And here is the ‘summer inspired’ encaustic I created.