I’m Kind of a Big Deal

There’s just something about playing with scissors and paper and glue and glitter…

Not sure what it is…but its one of the easiest ways to ‘unblock’ and let out the inner artist that resides inside each of us…and its also a heck of a lot of fun!

I made this one afternoon as a ‘get well’ gesture for someone hoping it would help cheer them up.

I was wandering around Michaels and saw a sheet of scrapbooking paper with the ‘Big Deal’ banner printed on it and immediately pictured it across the front of a tiara.  I found a headband in another department and used that as the foundation and simply cut and glued glitter paper to it and then embellished it. (Embellishing is one of my favorite things!)

If tiaras aren’t your thing…consider a journal or bookmark or simply alter an old book you have on hand.  If you’re stuck for ideas – start with an image in a magazine or find inspiration by flipping through catalogs.

It doesn’t have to be gift-worthy – just have fun with it and see where it takes you!