The Oak Tree

The Oak Tree.  By Matsuo Basho
The oak tree:
not interested
in cherry blossoms.
These images were taken from the parking lot of a hotel in Austin, Texas recently.
I love how the (infrared) camera interpreted the scene.










An overheard fragment of a conversation,

words from a song on the radio,

a certain stanza of a poem read aloud,

the way a shadow dances across a wall.


dreams while sleeping,

juxtapositions from nature,

unnatural sources.

It is never planned;

and there is no warning of its approach.

But when it does arrive,

Pay attention to it.

Like a clue on a treasure hunt;

or the needle on a compass;

it is the answer to a question not yet asked.




Sense the importance.

Trust the gift enough.

And save it for another time.

This is what inspiration is like for me.


Infrared photograph of the trees in my forest.